Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011-2012 You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello

I have posted 100 posts! Here is a collection of the top pieces posted this year and the ones I thought should have made it to the top!

Top 10 posts (in no particular order) I think should have gotten more attention: 
Warning! Not Suitable For Children
Shut Your Fat Mouth 2

Education Overhaul  

What a Douchebag
The So-Called Protect Life Act: Pro-Life? Let's Call It What It Is: Anti-Choice!

Reinventing Feminism with Courtney Martin

World Contraception Day: The Pill VS Condoms

Sugar Daddy, Sugar Mama, Sugar Baby Debate

Feminism In The Art World: Barbie, Friend or Foe?

Fierce Fat Feminism: The Language About Weight

The Top 10 Things That Happened In My Life (again, in no particular order):
1. I moved twice
2. I applied to grad school and didn't get in
3. My last grandparent, my grandpa Joe passed away
4. I started accepting my body and learning how to love myself
5. I moved in with the man I love
6. I planted my first flower garden
7. I got work done on a tattoo
8. I didn't smoke a cigarette at all
9. I started writing this blog
10. I got a new job.

I'm ready to start a new year, although I still haven't had quiet time for reflection or contemplation.  I have been working, so right now I resolve to make more time for myself: away from my phone, my computer, from paying bills, washing dishes, doing laundry, running errands.

I want to read more, write more, meditate more, take more photographs, practice more yoga & more gratitude, take more walks, continue to learn how to cook new recipes, get enough sleep, go somewhere I've never been before (even if it's in this area), create new art, continue my journey in self-care, self-acceptance, & self-love, laugh more and love more.

But my top resolution(s) for this year are to be less judgmental and more gentle with myself, which will help be that way with others and to be mindful.  The work starts within, then watch the ripple effect!

So goodbye 2011, hello 2012!
Were you surprised by the posts that didn't get much attention? Did you think a different post should have made it to either list? What was something memorable that happened to you in 2011? Do you have resolutions for the new year? How are you going to work on treating yourself (and others) better? Comment below! or email me

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