Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Just One Example of Body Shaming

This is the kind of bullshit body shaming that is so rife in our culture, people don't even realize they are doing it half the time. Plenty of things can contribute to people, women in particular, being "huge," whatever that means. To some people a girl's thighs touching means she is huge. To others it's because she has a belly. The list goes on and on. Not to mention the alluded message that ALL people who are HUGE eat themselves there; disregarding any other issue that might exist, or the fact that people only seem to be concerned with people's appearance and mask that with FAKE concerns about health. Funny, because when a skinny woman eats unhealthy food, or a lot of food, people are impressed. But see a woman who may be overweight by whatever standard you personally are coming from judgment and if she grabs for anything other than a carrot *gasp* what IS she thinking?! Sorry, not sorry. Fuck off with this body shaming bullshit, mind your own business, and stop commenting on how women look. There is so much more to women then how they look. Ever wonder why this is STILL the major focus when discussing women?