Thursday, September 29, 2011

Reinventing Feminism with Courtney Martin

After graduating college, I too had lofty ideas and was full of grandiose expectations.  My desire to change the world, at least to have a positive impact and work towards creating community, understanding, and compassion have never gone away.  I was lost as to how to do so.  The paradoxes mentioned in this talk are so on point.  I could identify with feeling overwhelmed, yet knowing that I didn't want these feelings to stop me from doing something.  This greatly contributed to the creation of this blog.

What I also love about this talk is that it doesn't even address the nazi-feminist persona that is so widely misused to describe what feminism is.  A person who claims that someone who is standing up for themselves and others who have been categorized as second-class citizens at any point and time, is quite the opposite of what nazism was about.  I love that feminism is reinventing itself, not complete.  Another sentiment Martin doesn't address in the talk is the term post-feminism.  I can't stand people discussing issues and claiming that feminism is dead or not needed.  It creates a false reality: that equality exists, that misogyny doesn't, and that patriarchy is no longer an issue; all of which are not true!  It's the same as claiming we live in a post-racist, post-classist, post-discriminatory world.  I proudly claim "This is what a feminist looks like!"

Thoughts and feedback are always welcome.  What makes you identify or not identify as a feminist?  Comment below or email me

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