Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July

While Independence Day seems like a serious stretch, since we are certainly dependent on many others as a country, and while so many of our own Americans do not feel very independent of, oh, classism, sexism, racism, agism, it was beautiful weather and an excuse to make a delicious treat to bring to a friend's house for a small barbeque.

 A quick dessert that doesn't have to look like the flag, but I couldn't resist the cheesy-ness.

3 Containers of Cool Whip
2 Entenmann's Pound Cakes: Slice evenly
2 pounds of Strawberries: wash & slice
Slice Strawberries and wash Blueberries
Pound cake on bottom, cool whip, berries, another layer of pound cake, more cool whip and then...
Place blueberries as the stars and then slice remaining Strawberries in half

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