Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tumblr Tuesday! Feminism Is For Lovers

It's Tumblr Tuesday! Feminism is for Lovers is the pick of the week!  On the homepage you will find this quote:

"We are a community that reclaims feminist thought and action from the taboo that it's hateful, by demonstrating how feminism liberates and empowers both men and women today. Sharing FifL in public promotes positive self-expression and open dialogue, the first steps in self-determination and community transformation. FifL's mission is to provide you with fresh tools to do just that--spread the Word and the Love." 
Here are some of my favorite pictures blogged or reblogged from FifL. 

Do you have a tumblr you want featured for Tumblr Tuesday?  Do you think feminism is important?  Are you a feminist?  Do you have a favorite feminist site you want to share?  Comment below or email me shapedbymylife@gmail.com

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