Monday, October 17, 2011

Occupy Wall Street: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, But It Will Be Blogged

Photo Courtesy: Peter Whitley

The revolution is being blogged, facebooked, tweeted, tumbled, youtubed, photographed, written about, and discussed.  Occupy Wall Street has been taking place for weeks in New York City.  Protestors began occupying Wall Street September 19th, 2011; many have not left, many continue to come.

Within in the first week or so it became clear the police were not trained knowing how to deal with peaceful protestors.

 Immortal Technique uses Occupy Wall Street as a platform:
Tavis Smiley and Dr. Cornel West discuss the Occupation with Keith Olbermann
Today marks 30 days of the movement; Occupy Wall Street has moved out of NYC and protestors are occupying world wide!  Here is a video of Beethoven's 9th Ode to Joy played live in Madrid. The crowd raised their empty palms chanting "these are our weapons," a sign of their peaceful resistance.  It's a beautiful sight.
Citibank Customers Arrested for Closing Accounts.  Is this what they call customer service?

A message from Anonymous to the 99%:
I AM NOT MOVING- A short film: perspective.
"It's called the American dream because you have to be asleep to believe it."-George Carlin

Do you stand in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street Movement?  Have you been to any of the protests?  Comment below or email me

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