Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween: Horror & Humor

I have to say Halloween has turned into one of those holidays that no matter how much candy you try to give me, I can't ignore the fact that the innocence that once surrounded it seems to be long gone.  The industry has made it clear that women are to dress "sexy" and men should dress either in a uniform to be of service or as something indicating that women should um, service him.

Here are some ridiculous examples of costumes:
Beer, Nemo, Shower, Watermelon 
Being crazy is so hot.

Being racist never goes out of style.

There are plenty of racist costumes to choose from.

Don't worry, I didn't leave out the men! Here are some terrible costumes:
Isn't that funny? Captain Obvious is not getting a blow job in this.

One Night Stand. Because apparently only men can be interested in casual sex.

Sloppy Cop. 

I guess the Bunny is supposed to be funny or cute? How is this only for men?
It may seem a bit paradoxical for women to dress scantily and march in protest against victim-blaming during Slutwalks then turn around and protest revealing costumes, but here's the thing: women choosing what they wear on a daily basis and not having to be on the defensive due to said attire (because what a woman wears has nothing to do with rape culture) is completely different then an entire industry (the costume industry) that is clearly putting women in their objectified place. The other thing is, it's Halloween! It's about dressing up, fantasy, creativity, and if a woman wants to wear something that makes her feel good, and it happens to be revealing, then do it! Part of being a feminist is about a woman's right to own her sexuality.  Just because a woman is dressed provocatively, doesn't mean it's for anyone. 

When I was a nanny, I loved walking around with the little kids.  This year I painted my nails black, because I really like the way it looks! I'm wearing my bring pink skull t-shirt, black sweats and will watch a scary movie or two. On the list: The Shining, Silence of the Lambs, House on Haunted Hill (the original), Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Nightmare Before Christmas, and Friday the 13th.  Will I watch all of these, definitely not, but it's nice to have choices. 
N.Y.C. Black (3 coats) with Sephora Only Gold For Me topcoat.

What are your Halloween plans? Trick or Treating with kids? Do you think the costume industry has gone too far?  Comment below or email me

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