Friday, October 28, 2011

Fat Friday! Full Figured Fashion Week

Full Figured Fashion Week, what does that mean?

"You can work the runway, whether you're a size 2 or women have been marginalized for too long."

"We are real women, we deserve fashion..."
"Full figured fashion week is a sisterhood."
"Size has no barrier on beauty!"
Full figured, fat, voluptuous, curvy, women deserve any and every thing any other woman deserves: to be treated with dignity, respect, compassion, and love.  The assumption that women who are of average or plus size do not exercise, are lazy, are uneducated, and don't deserve to feel beautiful are still made without hesitation or question.

What did you think about the comments from the women stopped and questioned on the street in the first video? Do you think high fashion should include varying sizes?  Comment below or email me

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