Monday, September 19, 2011

Unlawful Behavior(?)

Alisha Smith aka Alisha Sparks--lawyer by day dominatrix by night--has been suspended from the law firm she has worked for due to her nighttime activities.  I thought that fetishes and the like had become more socially acceptable as a subculture and with the songs, S & M by Rhianna with the lyrics, "whips and chains excite me" which was played repeatedly on the radio when it first came out.  Double-standards?

It is reported in the Huffington Post, "A spokesman for the state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman wouldn't elaborate on the details of the suspension, but it's likely it has more to do with office requirements that employees need permission to engage in activities that earn them more than $1,000, rather than her involvement in the lifestyle."  I would like to know if any of the men who work for the law firm who openly play poker, which as lawyers, I'm sure they would be playing high stakes games, games where the winnings would most certainly be $1,000 or more, if they have been suspended.   Why are women who are comfortable with their sexuality and in a place of control and power with their sexuality so threatening to men?  Probably because the more women stand up for themselves, the closer we get to smashing patriarchy and living in a world with actual equality. 

It also brings up an important question: in this day and age of internet and online communities, about what should be allowed to be used by companies to reprimand, suspend, or even fire employees, it is acceptable for someone to be questioned about their lifestyle choices outside of the workplace? 

When women are empowered, it scares people because?  What do you think?  Should the woman have been suspended by the law firm?  Do you believe that the reason is because she was earning more than $1,000? Comment below or email me

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