Friday, September 16, 2011

Topman T-shirts: Misogyny Prevails

You too can wear degrading t-shirts! Where your misogyny on your sleeve, well, emblazoned across your chest that is!  Oh Boy!  Topman has joined the ranks of terrible messages via t-shirts.  

Both of the shirts are complete derogatory towards women, and one insinuates violence against women being acceptable. The grey t-shirt that reads, "Nice new girlfriend what breed is she?"  is just another example as how women are still objectified, here for viewing pleasure.  Remember, homework is too hard for us small-minded ladies.  And the red t-shirt, the "I'm so sorry, but..." t-shirt that has these excuses for whatever fucked up thing that was done, you can choose one of these: You provoked me, I was drunk, I was having a bad day, I hate you, I didn't mean it, and I couldn't help it, is the most appalling.  But calm down right?  All of them sound like completely acceptable responses, right? WTF!  As if an apology after a misogynistic comment is somehow made acceptable because of any of these reasons?!  Or that an apology is actually sincere when it's followed by a "but" comment.  

The implications are much greater than just wearing a t-shirt.  The message it continues to send to men is that they have the right to do whatever they want and women are left carrying the weight of having to be on the defense.  A person who would buy this t-shirt is the kind of person who puts the blame on the victim of sexual harassment, assault, or rape.  Who are the creative minds behind such appalling messages?  Why do we want people walking around with shirts like this?  Why continue the message that masculinity is characterized by not only physical prowess through violence, egotism & misogyny?  What happened to breaking stereotypes of all kinds instead of feeding into them?  What about being honorable and courageous as things we instill as noteworthy characteristics, for not just men, but women too?  What happened to respect and dignity?  Since these things are socially constructed, why would we want to further the notion that disrespecting women and any violence towards them is acceptable?

What do you think about the t-shirts?  Is it just clothing or more than that?  Comment below or email me

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