Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday the Twenty-Third in Pictures

We ran out of coffee at the house, so I had tea this morning.  I stopped drinking coffee for a year, but I have been drinking it again for about a year or two and now starting my day without it just isn't the same.  I have also gone from not being able to fall asleep, and restless sleep throughout the night to sleeping about 11 hours every night this week!  I needed my coffee fix!  After lunch with my friend Danya and mailing out a package, we headed to gimme on state street.
 She got hers to go and I settled into the back booth and got to work.
After writing vocab cards and studying for 3 hours I hit my limit and left; headed to one of the many parks for a few moments to regroup before heading to meet some other people for an hour and then home.  I made the same simple meal I made last night.  I can eat the same thing for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, day in and day out when I'm pmsing/pmdding.  I made the same simple meal I made last night, with a different kind of pasta tonight.
(Your choice of pasta, sliced tomatoes, basil or parsley. feta cheese, olive oil. Delicious!)
 Finishing the day with some of the blueberry crumb I made, with some cool whip, a little more studying, then reading in bed.

What did you do today? Are you still on summer vacation or working?  Did you cook dinner, call delivery, or eat out?  What is your favorite simple meal to make?  Comment below or email me shapedbymylife@gmail.com

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