Monday, August 15, 2011

Every Day is Study Day

I took the weekend off from writing any blog pieces because I am drained from studying for the GREs.  I have just under a month until I take them; between writing vocab cards, sentences, writing samples, practice quizzes, I didn't have the energy to write anything substantial, and I still don't.  I am glad that a friend of mine, who actually registered first, is also taking them the same day/place, so we are keeping each other accountable to stay disciplined with our studying.  Here are two practice quizzes; see how you do.

Pair 'Em Up In each of these lists, [circle] the two words that are most similar in meaning.  The other word may be an opposite, or may not be related at all.
1. avaricious   penurious    garrulous
2. indolent           pious    phlegmatic
3. glib                pithy    fundamental
4. plaintive      melancholy    pristine
5. quaff                abstain         satiate
  6. cacophony         din       mellifluous
7. stymie               impute    filibuster
8. laconic         loquacious       prolix
9. inimical   malevolent    inimitable
10. disabuse         beguile            dupe

Antonyms  Match each word in the first column with the word in the second that is most nearly OPPOSITE in meaning.

1. dearth                   a. rare
2. assuage                b. unhealthful
3. volatile                 c. false
4. torpid                   d. condemnation
5. ubiquitous           e. abundance
6. adulation             f. incite
7. disinterested       g. wither
8. salubrious           h. constant
9. unfeinged           i. energetic
10. burgeon            j. biased

Another medium I have always loved to work in is photography.  I've had the habit of keeping my camera on me at all times so when I want to snap the moment, I can.  Ithaca Art has a "mission" posted everyday. 

Saturday, August 13th: Bikes
"High Speed Bikes" by L.A. Illiano
"Forgotten Bike" by L.A. Illiano

Sunday, August 14th: Wild Animals
"The Ripple Effect" by L.A. Illiano

Are you studying for the GREs?  Did you take the GREs?  What is/has been your experience with test taking?  Comment below!  Questions, Comments, or Concerns, you can also send me an email:


  1. I was so stressed about the GREs, I spent all my time studying the math section (re-learning 9th grade math and fractions, etc.) for about three months straight before the test. Didn't do any vocab prep (though at the time I was working as an SAT/ACT tutor, so I got a lot of work in that way).

    October comes, I breeze through. Get all 6s on the essays. A 660 on the math.

    A 600 on the verbal. Yup. Better in math than verbal. I'm glad MFA programs didn't just laugh me off. :) Good luck!

  2. I took them kind of on a whim and didn't study at all, ended up getting exactly the same total score as I did on the SATs so many years before. And, weirdly, improved my math score after not taking a single math course in college.

    But I totally blew the English lit subject test. Should have studied!!

    GOOD LUCK!!!