Thursday, July 21, 2011


I have moved from one air conditioned place to another today; by the time I was awake this morning, the heat in our non air conditioned  house felt unbearable.

I made the coffee, went outside and turned on the sprinkler to water my flowers for about an hour before venturing out for the day. After a quick cold shower, I got dressed and filled my water bottle.  Today is one of those really important days to stay hydrated.  A great way to do so, and be green, is to use a reusable non-plastic water bottle!  I have one with this peace quote on it, because it's a good reminder.  Using a mason jar works too, or nalgene.  I also found this place so cost really can't be an excuse for not wanting to buy one.  Also, using a reusable water bottle is more cost effective in the long run.

The weather said a high of almost 100 degrees today, with the heat index reaching 110 degrees.  So, I packed my computer, my folder full of literacy training paperwork and the few things I need to return to Kohls.  I went to the bank first, then up to T.J. Maxx to fulfill my love of shoes and see if I could find stuff for the house I'm still looking for.

By the time I left, the heat had only gotten worse with it being about 1pm and the sun being close to it's highest point of the day.  I realized I was hungry, stopped at Ithaca Bakery, but it was too busy.  Then I drove to Wegmans, but the parking lot was overwhelming, so I went to Short Stop Deli on the corner of Seneca St. and Albany St.  I picked up lunch and went to Gimme Coffee on State St.  I got nice and cozy in the back corner booth--my favorite spot because no one can sit behind me--and watched an episode of 30 Rock on Netflix Streaming and ate my lunch.  It's a great place to meet friends and to also see unscheduled visits with people.

I stayed there for a few hours enjoying the AC until training, but when I went to walk into the building at 5:15pm, there was a sign on the door that read: Closed due to the weather!  So, I have been wanting to check out this new antique place called Found, so I headed over there.  The piece of furniture I'm interested, in and saw via their Facebook page, is $325.00, which is way more than I can afford or want to pay for one piece of furniture.  So, after walking through and finding several very interesting pieces, but not sure what I'm really looking for, and also being drained from the humidity and heat today, I left with only a flyer for their upcoming flea markets.

Now I wait for my next air conditioned adventure; that, or swimming.

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