Monday, June 13, 2011

My two cents about Anthony Weiner

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In this NPR article, about midway through Linda Holmes says:
"Maybe taking full responsibility is, in the end, about making amends."

I think she makes a valid point with that statement, but first to address the thing I don't understand about the whole Rep. Anthony Weiner so-called "scandal" is that he didn't do anything illegal.   Maybe not very honest with his wife, but who's to say they don't have an agreement, and who's to say whether or not it is acceptable for their relationship? How exactly are these photos inappropriate? Rehab? Resignation over pictures? He didn't steal money, he's not abusing anyone.  I've seen underage girls post more inappropriate photos on the internet and yet a grown man sending photographs to grown women or tweeting them and it's somehow lewd? Ok, so I play devil's advocate, I'll admit it; and the likelihood of him and his wife having any previously mentioned possibility of an agreement is probably not the case, but other than his wife, who does he really owe amends to?

And as for Meagan Broussard, if she was so concerned about her image as an aspiring nurse, then why did she decide to make herself public? She seems to fail to recognize that she was a willing participant with these "online sexual exploits."

I think this whole thing is just another attempt to try and divert the public's attention away from people who are actually doing truly corrupt things, who are lying about much bigger issues than whether or not the non-nude dick pic is theirs. 

I mean, c'mon people. The media coverage is more entertainment than anything else. Where is the journalism in any of this? It's all sensationalist over-blown nonsense distracting from real issues.

The above linked NPR piece ends with saying, "Maybe if public apologizers were better at just being sorry, we wouldn't need "I take full responsibility for my actions" in the first place." In the scheme of things, some half nude pictures send between adults is not on the top of my priority list of things that I care about.  How about we talk about the actual politics people stand for and stop dramatizing their personal lives, or minute pieces of their personal lives.  I wouldn't want a magnifying glass over my life, would you? I think the only thing these politicians who get caught up in this kind of "scandal" should be a bit more pensive about their choices knowing that politics is a game and that you either play by the rules or go down for a picture that would barely get re-blogged on tumblr.

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