Monday, February 7, 2011

Philly, Friends, and Fitness

I'm back from my weekend in Philly to see some old friends. They are the first friends from college who are married, bought a house, and are now expecting a baby where my initial reaction wasn't anything but excitement.  I've certainly known plenty of others who have had babies, but none who I have stayed in close contact with, or had the availability or experience of going to their baby shower.

It was so great to get there Friday night and have time to catch up with a dear friend who took the bus up from NYC who I hadn't seen in too-long-to-even-try-and-figure-out.  While we were talking in the living room the hostess came and joined us and the three of us updated the others, though when the conversation eventually turned to men in our lives--the way it does when you're in your late twenties and dating--the beautiful hostess replied something along the lines of not being able to imagine living her life like that; and while looking at her pregnant belly, I thought I can't imagine my life being like hers right now.  Not that one is better than the other.  It's so interesting to watch the different paths my friends and my life takes, and that we can all be there for each other during our variety of adventure.  These are women I have and continue to hold dear to my heart, no matter what zip code we reside.

The baby shower on Saturday was pretty low key as baby showers go.  This was my first in person baby shower attended; other friends of mine (not from college) who just had a baby at the end of the summer moved across the country and video-taped their shower and sent it out to everyone who sent gifts.  Both couples including the husband, which I am a fan of because, well, it's their kid too, right?

So we drove to her parent's house and the only activities were the thumbprint tree (which is an idea I've filed for when/if the day ever comes for myself) and also onesie decorating. People got pretty creative.

After cake and presents we drove the hour back to their house for time with friends before we all went our separate ways again on Sunday.  Sitting around their living room, I couldn't help but notice the couples; these were friends who, last time any of us were living in the same city, I had been with the same person for years and never experienced singlehood in their presence.  Two married couples (host & hostess included), one couple who were living together, one lady who was minus her partner, and then four singles.  I guess it was so strange to be surrounded by people married or pregnant my age because most of the people I am surrounded by locally are still single and searching or simply single.  My friends who have kids are single and had their kids very young and the people who are married, were married before I met them so I never knew them single.  What that means, well, it's nothing more than an observation.

After breakfast on Sunday, I hit the road and made great time on my drive back to Ithaca and drove straight to the gym.  I had made a commitment to myself the prior week that I wouldn't go more than 2 days in a row without working out; and for this week I made a commitment to get my run (always on an elliptical) up to 5 miles. So holding to both of those, I got myself to the gym Sunday afternoon and started my week off great by hitting my goal of 5 miles! Afterwards I made a big batch of tuna salad: tuna, light mayo, celery, carrots, and red onion with  some salt and pepper.

Making a big batch of it means I could have leftovers and healthy food ready to eat after my workout tonight.  I got to the gym and walked 1.3 miles, which was just enough time to create two amazing blisters on my heels, then I stretched and did a few yoga poses and then I went to a spinning class and biked 17.4 miles! Killer workout and came home to a bowl of tuna salad and a piece of cheesecake my housemate made.  I have a sweet tooth and as they say, I'm not looking to be a saint by Thursday (as if I'm really looking for sainthood at all).

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