Thursday, January 20, 2011

Coffee and Unemployment

The other night I created a sister blog to this one on tumblr: Shaped By My Life.  It's not that I won't post pictures on here, but I wanted a space where I could post pictures I take myself and also pictures I find interesting, erotic, beautiful, and important.  I am still figuring out the design of this page--for now there is a link on the right-hand side of this page--so patience and also suggestions are greatly appreciated.

It is a difficult time of year for many in this region; more grey days and bitter cold temperatures--we are supposed to have a high of five degrees on Saturday--can drive people into seasonal depression, also known as seasonal affective disorder.  Not having a routine can really add to this if I allow all of the unknowns in my life right now to be a nonstop flashing neon sign in my mind.  Making a schedule for myself on a day to day basis is extremely helpful.  Living a few blocks away from one of the many local coffee shops, Gimme!, is a great way to not isolate inside my attic bedroom.

I was let go from my job of three and a half years three days before Christmas and am in the process of seeking financial assistance, while I look for work.  I have applied for unemployment and am waiting to find out if/when I will get anything from them.  I went to Tompkins Community Action today for help and was told there is a three year wait for section 8.  Clearly, that is too long being that the first of February is fast approaching and I need to be able to pay my rent now.  I have filled out forms for food stamps and will ask my landlord to fill out an assistance form so hopefully when I make the dreaded but necessary walk to DSS on Monday, I can get some more information and hopefully, help.  It is a humbling experience, and very frustrating at times, but we do not live in an era where graduating from college creates any more job security than if you don't.

Almost six years since graduating, I have just completed applications to grad school; ten schools total, so my days have been filled with a lot of "paperwork" (most of the applications were online). As stressful as the process was, with each school having several pages of information, different deadlines, and varying specificity for the statement of purpose and portfolio, now my days are filled with a lot of waiting.  I have never been good at waiting...


  1. Just got an email from Cornell claiming decisions would be out in "mid-February" and nearly snarfed coffee out my nose. In two rounds of grad school applications, I don't think I've ever gotten a response before April.

    At least the apps are done, right? Fingers remain crossed for you, lady.

  2. After I read this comment, I checked me email and saw that too. I certainly had a moment hearing this. First one submitted, first notice; that seems right.

    Snarfed, good word. Fingers crossed for both of us!