Friday, June 21, 2013

That Stings

Not that I've had a great love for bees, or considered myself an advocate for beekeepers, or ever desired to get into one of those moonsuit-looking-outfits with the mesh mask and deal with them in mass quantities for any reason; however, they are important and they are dropping dead in absurd quantities! In Oregon and Florida an astounding 12 million dead bees! That sounds downright apocalyptic, doesn't it?! It is claimed no one knows why, but then you read articles like thisDarren Cox, the Beekeeper of the Year (I never knew such a thing existed) is working diligently trying to find a solution.

So, knowing this, what can I (and you) do to help? There are four principles suggested: 

1. Protect bees from pesticides.
2.Provide a variety of food for bees. 
3. Provide a clear, year-round source of water for bees. 
4. Provide shelter for bees. 

So, Take the Pledge, and help protect the bees and our food supply. 

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