Monday, November 7, 2011

Fat People Can't Be Trusted

Did you suffer from a case of the Mondays?  Not today!  I woke up ready for this week to start.  I started training at my new job today. After being out of work for ten months I am grateful to have a job again and humbled to be making less than what I made when I was 18 years old. But today is not one of those days where the fact that it's getting dark out earlier (because of daylight savings) or that the soon-to-be amount of my paychecks will not reach a certain number will get in my way; I have gratitude.

Are you dying to know what my new job is?! I know you are, so I will end the suspense now and tell you it's at the gym! The woman who is training me seems really nice and it will be a big change from being the only person on at the front desk at the bookstore; there are many who work at the gym.  The crew seems pretty sarcastic too, which fits my personality nicely. What's great too is because I have worked with some of the trainers I don't feel completely out of place because there are familiar faces. Though it is strange being on the other side of the front desk to a facility I have used for years. But I believe it will give me some interesting observations to write about. It makes me laugh that through my lifetime of body image issues and just recently working towards any level of self-acceptance, that I get a job at a gym at my heaviest and yet feel less insecure about my body in general than I have in the past decade.

Life just continues to be paradoxical and amusing and surprising. Here is a video I also re-blogged on my tumblr today, but thought it would end this post nicely.

Did you suffer from a case of the Mondays? Are you struggling to find a job? Do you identify with the struggle for self acceptance or issues with body image? Have you held a job that made you feel more or less insecure about how you look? Tell me something or ask by commenting below or email me

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  1. Where I work we are constantly being bombarded by encouragement to lose weight, whether it be that damn Weight Watchers at Work program or the health newsletter which always encourages people to "maintain a healthy weight." Why not maintain your health inasmuch as possible at whatever weight you are? It is painful having these reminders that no matter how good a job I do I will always be seen as a lesser human being because there is a little more to me!