Monday, October 10, 2011

Top 5 (lists)

I just spent Thursday through today down at my parents house, including a trip into NYC to see my sister.   I was really happy to get out of town for this Columbus Day weekend.  I lucked out and had great driving weather, and it was close to summer temperatures in NY this weekend!  Saturday, my sister and I went to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and walked through leisurely.  I was not wearing the best shoes and my feet were killing me and she was already sick and feeling drained, so we grabbed a bite and took the subway back to her place.  We ended up taking the train back to our parents house that same night because we were both beat and figured why not.  I spent Sunday revamping my resume, researching for grad school, and looking for jobs.  I also am in the second season of MadMen via Netflix streaming!  I was sad to see my sister go Sunday night and I wasn't feel too enthusiastic about the almost four hour drive back upstate, but again the weather was nice and I rode most of the way with no music on, the windows down and enjoying the colors of Autumn.

Top 5 things I take for granted living in Ithaca:
1. The Farmer's Market
2. The waterfalls
3. How close everything is
4. How inexpensive it is to get around town.
5. Gimme coffee

Top 5 things I have scheduled for this week:
1. Hit the gym hard including personal training session Wednesday afternoon
2. Follow up about an email I sent & call person about job search stuff & hopefully meet with her again
3. Meet with different person at IC about grad school searching/applications
4. Meet with old professor about her experience at Binghamton University
5. Get tattoo!

Top 5 FUN Things to do before the first snow:
1. Go apple picking
2. Bake numerous delicious treats w/ said apples
3. Have an all girl poker night
4. Go for a hike &/or bike ride
5. Search for, buy, and paint my nails this new Essie color! Every time I've gone to buy it they are sold out!

What are your top 5 fun things to do before the first snowfall? What are the top 5 things you take for granted where you live?  What are the top 5 things you have to do this week?  How did you spend you Columbus Day weekend?  Comment below or email me

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