Monday, August 1, 2011

First Flower Garden: Update!

If you don't remember, you can read and see more pictures from what my garden looked like here.
I had already planted Lavender, Snapdragons, Lupine, & the Dahlia's in the front.

Now, after more weeding, planting, watering, tender, love, and care the garden looks like this:

A look from the left; the Cosmos are doing very well.
Dahlia's, mini Hollyhock, Marigold in bloom.
Beginning of the stone path. Yarrow & Foxglove where the Hosta was.
Mini Hollyhock, aka, 'Party Girl'
Butterfly next to Dahlia
One of the many Dahlia's
Arizona Sun
Poppies were cut down until they bloom again next year. Hosta removed. Stonecrop, Foxglove, Yarrow, Arizona Sun, more Marigolds & Dahlia's were all part of the newest editions. Plan on finishing the stone path making the garden bed three separate sections.

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